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Tips To Get Beautiful and Healthy Feet

By: Sade Adebayo
healthyFeetHow much time does the average person spend pampering their feet? Studies say that definitely not enough. Especially women, we spend so much time and money in products to have beautiful skin and hair, not to mention makeup, lotions and nail polish, but we rarely spend more than 5 minutes taking care of our feet. Some people are not aware of how important they are and that they need care as much as all the other parts, especially during the summer or for women that wear high heels. Foot care becomes a necessary part of your health and beauty routine, and if you can’t do it every day at least follow a few tips on how to take care of your feet, making them look beautiful and healthy.

First of all, they have to be clean. This doesn’t mean washing them under the shower is enough. Brush them with a pumice stone to get rid of their hard, dry and chapped areas. Then soak them in soapy water: make sure it is a gentle and hydrating soap, or it will irritate your skin.

When you dry them, don’t brush them, but pat them gently instead and leave them a little moist. However, for what concerns in between toes, dry them thoroughly.

Once in a while your feet need special pampering, especially if you spend most of your day standing. The ideal thing would be visiting a spa or a pedicure specialist, but most of us don’t have the time or the money. If this is your case you could consider buying a foot massager in a local store or a free-classifieds site to relieve your feet and getting back some of the regular blood circulation. It’s important to not put lotion on your feet before you use the foot massager since it will just make it dirty and possibly even affect its functioning on the long-run.

After your massaging treatment your next move will be to put on some special cream to leave your feet smooth and healthy, without attacking your skin. Make sure is a lotion that suits your skin type, or you will risk to damage your feet and do worse. In order to get better results, massage your feet while applying the lotion, which will also help your skin absorb it faster.

Last but not least, take care of your toe nails. Trim them properly with a nail trimmer and then file them to make them smooth and even. Remember to push down the cuticles with a nail nipper (those with a curved angle) and a cutting jaw shaped like the natural curve of toe nails. Apply some protecting coat nail polish on your toenails and, one it’s dry, apply whichever color you prefer leaving your nails strong and compact.

And there you have it! Amazing and healthy feet, able to sustain the rest of your beautiful body and keep you looking fabulous. Reflexology tells us that all of our internal organs are represented on our various parts of our feet; if this were so, wouldn’t we be wanting to take more care of them? Of course!

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