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How Your Phone Can Damage Your Skin and How To Prevent It

cleaningphone Sanitizing our mobile phone(s) is really necessary. Our phones come in contact with lots of things daily and in the process may come in contact with germs. Our mobile phone touches our face at least once or twice daily either to receive or make calls.

These germs on the phone come in contact with our face/skin, and can cause us to break out.

To sanitize your phone, here are the things you need:

– Antiseptic wipe/Dettol sanitizer/alcohol

– Cotton wool

How to sanitize your phone:
* If you are using an antiseptic wipe, you will start by cleaning the surface of the phone until its clean, you then use cotton wool to wipe out any excesses from the wipe remaining. There you go, your phone is now clean and free of germs. 

*If you are using Dettol hand sanitizer, which is what I use (even use on the go), you put some drops of it on the cotton wool and wipe the surface of the phone, after which you use cotton wool to clean off any excess Dettol sanitizer, and it’s done. Your phone is now free from germs. 

If you are using alcohol, damp the cotton wool with little alcohol and wipe your phone and re wipe if necessary.

Phones should be sanitized at least 2 to 3 times weekly.
If you have any other way(s), you use in keeping your phone free from germs and I didn’t mention it, please do share it with me via the comments.

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If you don’t care for your skin, who will?

Stay beautiful in and out.

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