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Hot oil treatment for hair

hot-oil-treatment I’m an African and Africans can have long and attractive hair with proper care which most of us hardly give our hair. Hair contribute to one’s beauty and appearance and with daily hair care and prompt treatment of our hair and any hair problems is a vital way to boost and maintain the beauty of an healthy hair.

My hair is thick and dry ever since have started using homemade and natural treatment for my hair, it as really improve in growth, texture and shine. I now hardly braid my hair or even use extensions.

So homemade treatment is not only affordable, it also really cares for your and which prompt care you will notice improve in your hair like mine.

Things you need for hot oil treatment
– Coconut oil
– Olive oil
– Shea butter
– Cocoa butter
– Shower cap
– Pan

Quantity should be determined by length and volume of hair.

* Put coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil in a pan and heat, then mix together well. Apply mixture to shampooed hair from root to tip.

* Massage mixture well into hair to penetrate, then place shower cap on head. You either place dryer over head to heat or you use a silk or satin scarf/cap on the shower cap, leave for few hours or overnight.
* Wash off with Luke warm water and use apple cider vinegar mixed with water /green tea to do the final rinse to help seal in moisture and give a natural shine to hair.

Benefits of the treatment

– Conditions the hair

– Moisturizes the hair

– Scalp and shaft stronger

– Improve hair growth


* Always moisturize your hair at least 3 times weekly or daily.

* Never braid your hair immediately after relaxing, wait for a week or more because the hair shaft is still sensitive and can damaged hair and scalp.

* Comb hair morning and night to improve blood circulation and prevent tangling.

* Use shampoos and conditioner that contains natural ingredient /natural ones to prevent chemical damage to hair and help hair growth.

* Hair treatments to be done at least once a month or more.

*Eat healthy we are what we eat and drink lots of water.

If you don’t care for hair, who will?

Stay beautiful in and out.

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split-ends-330x495 THE HARMATTAN (winter season) in my country has really not been good to my hair, it falls when I’m combing, breaks at the tip when moisturizing it. Split end is a common problem faced by all especially when it gets to dry season of the year (harmattan or winter) it’s cold and dry and the moisture both in hair and skin is just sucked out.

As you all know beauty treatment be it face, skin, hair, or even make up and dressing should be done according to season requirement. Believe me i understand all the pain, anger attached to split end, it’s falls on your cloth or robe while dressing up and so on.

Now, I’m going to share with you some natural homemade treatment for split ends, I will also talk about some things that cause split ends(because believe me not only weather condition that causes it, there are other things we use or do to our hair that is actually causing the harm).

Some causes of split ends are highlighted for you below;

– HAIR STYLING TOOLS: blow dryer, coiling irons. straitening irons operate at high temperature level when used on the hair, high temperatures stripes the hair of moisture

– HAIR COLOURING PRODUCT and strong shampoo, also result in moisture loss. No matter how a hair dye claims to be herbal, they still have chemical that stripes the hair of it’s moisture content, only henna (lalee) doesn’t. For shampoo, some are harsh and strips the moisture, so when buying , always opt for a quality shampoos with a balanced hair ph. Level.

Lastly weather and pollution, weather which in my own case was the cause of my split end but that is now ancient as i have treated it.


These few natural homemade recipes will not only treat your split end ,but will also prevent it, like I always say if you don’t care for hair, who will? Also the appearance of your hair brings the beauty in you out. There goes the recipes, I have used and still using to care for my hair. I hope it works for you just as it does for me 

#avocado/olive oil/egg yolk/honey
Mix well in a blender and apply to hair from root to the damaged tip, leave in 4 to 5 hours or better still overnight, cover with shower cap. Wash off with Luke warm water and condition.

#coconut milk/coconut oil/honey
Mix well in a blender and apply to hair from root to tip cover with shower cap, leave In for 2hours or longer. Wash off with Luke warm water and condition.

#Egg yolk/olive oil
Mix well and apply to hair then cover with shower cap. Wash off with Luke warm water and condition.

#papaya /yoghurt
Remove papaya skin and seed and blend with a cup of yoghurt, apply to hair and cover with shower cap for 1hour. Wash off with Luke warm water and condition. Ripe banana can be replaced with papaya.

#olive oil/coconut oil/costar oil/jojoba oil
Mix well and warm in a pan and apply on hair for 2hour cover hair with plastic cap. Wash off with Luke warm water.

#mayonnaise/honey/egg yolk/aloe Vera gel
Blend together and apply on hair, cover with shower cap and leave for 2 hours. Wash off and condition.

#onions juice/honey
Mix well and apply on hair, cover with shower cap and leave for 1 hour or longer. Wash off with warm water and condition.


Hair should be shampooed before applying any treatment to remove dirt and build up.

Never wash hair with hot water; instead Luke warm water. Hot water depletes the moisture in the hair.

Treatment can be left overnight for better result.

Treatment can customize with essential oil for herbal infusion.

Quantity of the treatment should be according to your hair length and volume.

Shower cap or plastic bag to cover hair to heat and hold hair in place (I use a black plastic bag because black is a conductor of heat.

Always trim your hair least once in two months.

Hope you find these remedies useful. If you have other remedy (ies) that you know, please do share them with us via the comment section. You can also send your comments or suggestions by tweeting at me @Ellasbeautytips and at my Facebook page (ellasbeautytips).

“If you don’t care for your hair, who will?”

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