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Product Review: My Personal Experience with Desert Essence Jojoba Oil

jojoba I have a very oily skin which makes my face mostly prone to acne, so I needed a moisturizer that won’t make my face greasy and wont block my pore and cause me to break out. That was when jojoba oil came in, I did all my research on it and jojoba oil seemed to be just what I needed.

Its being natural meant it was suitable for oily and acne prone skin like mine, the oil is similar to the sebum oil which our skin produces ( in oily skin case it over produces it). So what jojoba oil does basically is to trick our skin into believing it has produced enough oil on our skin.

After doing all the necessary research on it (jojoba oil), i bought mine at heath plus pharmacy in Lagos, Nigeria for 3500 naira (about $20). The Jojoba oil I got was made by desert essence, the oil claimed to be 100 percent natural and cold press. [Cold press is always what one should go when it comes to natural oils like coconut oil, grape seed oil etc.]

I started using my jojoba oil, at first really i loved it. It was just all it was meant to be. My skin became less greasy I even hardly powdered my face; it made my skin glow, soft and supple.

Until one morning when i was dressing up and I noticed some rashes on my hands, I first thought it was just the heat wave but overnight it spread to my shoulder, chest, neck, and my face. I started treating it with anti-bacterial soap, powder, cream etc., I was even was on drugs but all was to no avail as it just kept on spreading.

Suddenly, it just came to me to stop moisturizing, within a week that I stopped; I started to see some improvements, after two weeks it was all gone but left some dark patches. Then I was like well since it’s all gone let me start to moisturize my skin again, as it [my skin] was already really looking dry and flaky.

So I started to moisturize again with my jojoba oil and after few days, the rashes appeared again. I stopped and they left again.

Then I changed my moisturizer and for about a year now, I have not noticed any rashes/irritation on my skin.


Have you used any cosmetic products and weren’t/were satisfied with its result, if yes then share your experience view with me via the comment section.

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NB: This review is not in any way meant to make Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil look bad or discourage people from using it, it is only my personal review, what I experienced using it and thought to share it.

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