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How To Care For Your Braids and Hair Extension

braidMost people are under the wrong impression that when they have their braids and hair extension on, they can only do little to care for it. There is more to moisturizing and styling your braids/extension, and will not only help your braids/extension last longer will also make it attractive and good looking at all times.

It’s not only important to care for your braids/extension, the hair under should be cared for also, for proper growth, braids/extension shouldn’t be viewed as a non-maintenance style.

How to shampoo braids/ extensions

Extension /braids needs to be washed, this may be once a week/every 2 weeks. The best way to cleanse them is by letting water soak your head and use your hands to squeeze the braids / extension to make sure they are saturated.

Apply shampoo in your scalp, massage the shampoo into your scalp where the braids / extension are parting, then use your finger to make the shampoo through your braids/extension. Fully rinse your scalp and hair, letting the water down wards motion rinse all the shampoo away.

Synthetic hair braid/ extension don’t need a conditioning but human hair extension can benefit from it.

Keeping extension/ braids tangle free

Before going to sleep, cover your hair with silk or satin scarf/cap and can also plait in a loose braid, this will also further prevent tangle.
In the morning, comb through your braids/extension with your finger and then use a wide tooth comb or any comb through it. If your extension is of human hair, you can use a little water/ leave in conditioner mixture on them to make detangling easier.

Taking care of your scalp and hair

While wearing braids/ extension, you have to take care of your scalp and under hair.
Sometimes, the scalp may feel itchy. If it isn’t time for a shampoo. One thing you can try to alleviate the itchiness and clean the scalp is to apply an astringent to cotton wool and apply to scalp partings. Moisturize after with oil for scalp not thick cream because they clog the pore and slow hair growth.

Have a spray bottle with oil and little water to spritz your braids and extension not to scalp, giving it the moisture it needs

If you don’t care for your hair, who will?

If there is anything i have missed out, please kindly share them with me and other readers in the comment section.

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