[Skin Care] Soap and Water Cleansing

cleansing Soap and water cleansing is pretty much the most oldest cleansing method,but do we still think they are effective and clean our skin well? Some say no that they can be too drying,some say yes it’s pretty much refreshing for their skin and it’s okay.

Personally, I say it’s the best cleanser i have used so far,it’s refreshing,cleanses left over make up,dissolves oil and removes dirts. But one thing i will say is that they can be drying and you should always opt for the best soap that suits your skin type to cleanse your face, personally i use African black soap to cleanse my face because it does the major things a cleanser should do(i.e to dissolve dirt and oil,remove all traces of makeup and it’s refreshing).

Soap and water cleansing is not really for all skin type,it’s more refreshing for people with oily skin,but can be really drying for people with dry skin so you should either opt for a thicker cleanser that’s moisturizing or a moisturizing soap.

Sensitive skin should also beware with soap for washing face can cause redness,drying or burning opt cleanser scent free for your skin type,better still go for a claiming and moisturizing soap instead.

Body soap are totally different from facial soaps,because they can be really drying and soaps like antiseptic and deodorant soap are mostly drying. So when choosing a soap for cleansing, make sure you either go for facial soap or cleansing soap.

When using soap and water to cleanse there are basics:

. You don’t use soap directly on your face,you use the leather.

. After making the leather from your damp/wet soap,you massage leather over face.

. Massage over face few seconds to dissolve dirts and oil,wash off with lukewarm water and repeat cleansing again.

The basics are pretty simple i presume? But just as simple as they are,they are as important as that. Like putting soap directly on your face to wash it,bad because dirt and germs on your face are transferring back in soap and back to your face and the faom/leather won’t strip to much oil than normal.

Also don’t ever forget to remove make up and wash your hands before cleansing your face. If you don’t care for your skin,who will?

Tell me (via the comments) what you think also with using soap and water to cleanse your face,how does it feel?


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